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Life seems incomplete without entertainment being a part of it. From award functions to star events, concerts to parties, we just love making this part of life more colorful and memorable. Like the saying goes, work hard but party harder :) #Concerts #Theme Parties #DJ Nights #Award Functions #Star/Cine Events #Beach Parties #New Year Parties #Success Parties #Special Events
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Retirements and graduations, and even funerals are all important life cycle events. Superb food and service are crucial to making these events special and memorable, and the Evershine is a perfect resource for those products.
We have well-established relationships with talented local Chefs, who deliver world-class culinary experience in every event location. Their creations feature the freshest locally sourced ingredients and delight the senses with mouth-watering smells, stunning presentation, and incredible flavor pairings. Simply ask, and we will gladly curate a custom menu to help highlight your event theme. We skillfully manage dietary needs and preferences, just let us know what you require.
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